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Donald Trump’s American Health Care Act Prompted Women To Stock Up On Birth Control [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 31, 2017 07:48 AM EDT

Donald Trump's American Health Care Act prompted women to stock up on birth control. During her interview with Jezebel, Dr. Kavita Patel announced that the new law can potentially cause birth control prices to soar making it impossible for the majority to afford.

Dr. Kavita Patel, who worked on Obama Care, announced that women should get a hold of their birth control needs as early as possible. Patel's announcement came after Donald Trump's American Health Care Act moved a step closer to replacing the Affordable Care Act, which was previously implemented by Barack Obama.

Patel pointed out that the upcoming changes will make it harder for women to have access to birth control. She also explained that the birth control prices could significantly increase if Donald Trump's American Health Care Act would be approved, according to the Elite Daily.

"Planned Parenthood will go away, Medicaid paying for contraception will probably go away," Patel said. "Here's the truth as a woman - go get your birth control now because, honestly, nobody knows if all of this passes if you'll be able to get this in three months."'

As the act moves forward for approval, Dr. Patel urges women to demand their rights in terms of the reproductive health bill. Compared to proposed American Health Care Act, women were previously supplied with the free birth control which created a positive impact on abortion rates in the United states, according to the Jezebel.

"We need to demand better out of our system and we need to demand better from our government," Patel told us. "We shouldn't release the pressure on our elected officials until they answer: why does it have to be this way? It should be better."

It was previously announced that a law in Virginia allows women to stock up on birth control. It was announced, however, that they would need to present a prescription for them to successfully purchase it in bulk. The announcement came in February after sparks of birth control shortage were ignited.

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