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In The Red Corner: Why A Red Team Approach To Climate Change Is Needed [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 30, 2017 10:21 AM EDT

Scientists who are skeptics of climate change proposed the funding of a red team approach to climate change during a hearing in Congress last Wednesday.

The move was proposed in a hearing called by the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology by leading members of the scientific community who do not believe in the consensus. This hearing comes in the wake of the Trump administration's call to slash the budget in science and technology and the President's directive to severely limit rules on carbon emissions that were approved in the past administration, the Yahoo! News reported.

What the climate skeptics want to achieve with the red team approach to climate change studies are to play the devil's advocate and overcome the researcher's biases to be able to arrive at a different conclusion than what the majority of climate sciences believe in, the Washington Post reported. Red teams are specially designed groups that act as challengers to an institution's status quo to improve where policy changes need to happen.

The main contention of those who advocate the red team approach to climate change is the extent of the effects of human activity on global warming. They believe that the planet is naturally going through these changes and human activity has little effect on it.

What they believe in the stand against the consensus of the vast majority of the global scientific community. Those who are against the red team proposal contend that this kind of action is not needed anymore. The studies that have been conducted in relation to climate studies have in fact been subjected to independent peer review by the National Academy of Sciences.

What the proponents of the red team idea want are their perspectives to be heard since they believe that the policies regarding climate change should be inclusive of a more diverse set of positions so policymakers would make more informed decisions.

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