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Mathematical Method to Predict Tipping Point for Brain Swelling Successfully Simulated [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 29, 2017 08:09 AM EDT

Brain cells that do not get enough energy can suffer from stroke, trauma, and swelling in the brain. A new study looked into brain cell simulations and swelling to be able to determine the brain's critical tipping point. This critical measure can help in providing medical interventions that can help prevent the brain cells from reaching its tipping point, a condition wherein brain swelling becomes impossible to reverse.

Brain cells that suffer from oxygen deficiency can trigger swelling. With the aid of the mathematical model mechanism derived by experts at the Koen Dijkstra of the University of Twente in The Netherlands managed to determine the critical tipping point of the brain through brain cell simulations and swelling. Such conditions offer no turning back, thus leaving permanent damage even if energy balance is restored in the brain, the Science Daily reports.

The simulations showed the biophysics that the brain undergoes in conditions wherein energy levels are low. Such mathematical mechanism will aid in preventing the brain from reaching this critical point, through medical intervention.

This brain cell simulations and swelling mechanism can also be used to determine the temporary blockage in the sodium channels of the brain. Such condition occurs during an epileptic attack, thus providing an opportunity for treatment prior to a possible attack.

The mathematical model also managed to develop and see the connections in different parts of the brain, specifically during an epileptic seizure. This gives neurologists valuable insights on the underlying processes occurring in the brain. Such knowledge can help clinicians in further developing treatment strategies for different patients, the Medical Xpress cited.

Rapid swelling of the brain can lead to lasting damaging effects, and in some severe conditions can be fatal. The newly discovered mathematical mechanism in determining the critical tipping point of the brain helps in accurately providing medical intervention and treatment strategies in preventing the continuous swelling of the brain, prior to reaching its limit. Crossing this calculated point may lead to death or to irrevocable damage in the human brain.


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