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Third-degree Burns From Homemade Slime: Here's How You Can Prevent It [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 30, 2017 09:48 AM EDT

In Rockland, Massachusets an 11-year old girl suffered third-degree burns from homemade slime after making several batches of the popular craft during a sleepover.

Kathleen Quinn had handled a lot of the homemade slime that night but woke up in the middle of her sleep with her hands feeling hot and tingly. Her mother immediately took her to the hospital where the physicians confirmed that the blisters were actually third-degree burns from homemade slime, ABC 7 reported.

The homemade craft is very popular with kids. Mothers love it too because DIY recipes can readily be found online, the ingredients are cheap and can be easily be sourced at home. The recipe that Kathleen was using only needed water, glue, food coloring, and Borax. It was determined that the Borax was the culprit of the burns when it was either not dissolved properly or too much was added into the mix, Western Mass News reported.

Experts believe that the second- or third-degree burns from homemade slime could be prevented. They point out that there are several recipes available that do not use Borax. Borax is an acid and frequent or prolonged exposure to the acid can dissolve the skin. The same kind of incident can be prevented if the recipes used come from reputable websites.

Parental supervision is also important as there are times when children would mix up the measurements of the ingredients. The recipes when done properly are actually very safe as this has been used frequently used in elementary science experiments. The colorful result of the experiment became a trendy DIY project and has even caused glue shortages in some areas.

Kathleen is now recovering from her ordeal but will miss a few days of school. Experts agree that knowing what you are handling and how they react when mixed will be key to not learn the lesson the hard way.

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