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Fruit Juice Consumption And Weight Gain: Not Linked Only If 1 Serving A Day [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 25, 2017 09:37 AM EDT

A study about drinking 100-percent fruit juice and its possible association with weight gain showed that the proper amount of fruit juice does not cause a significant increase in children's weight.

Studies suggested that soda and fruit drinks contribute to weight gain, diabetes and other health conditions. Experts suspect that the naturally occurring sugar in fruit juice may also lead to weight gain.

Fruit juice consumption and weight gain of over 34,000 children were the subject of eight earlier studies. Based on the analysis of the results, 1 to 6-year-old children, who drank a serving of 100-percent fruit juice, gained up to 0.3 pounds over a year.

However, the slight increase in weight was not significant. In older children ages 7 to 18, fruit juice did not appear to pose any risk in putting on weight.

A preference for apple juice was observed among the younger group, and the older children often went for orange juice which is linked to slower rises in blood sugar due to its low glycemic index. Fruit-flavored juice and soda were not included in the research, WebMD reported.

In two studies included in the review, fruit juice consumption and weight gain were associated with children ages 1 to 3 years old. Health experts noted that the research suggested that drinking four to eight ounces of fruit juice over a longer period of time may have a bigger impact on the children's weight.

On an individual level, such little increase in weight may not lead to a greater risk for obesity but on a national scale, it might have an important effect on health conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Only four to six ounces of 100% fruit juice is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics for children 1 to 6 years old, and eight to twelve ounces for children ages 7 to 18. Whole fruit is still better than fruit juice, according to the CNN.

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