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Male Fertility Test: There's an App For That [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 25, 2017 09:17 AM EDT

A fertility test can be an embarrassing procedure to go through for some people. Taking this in consideration, researchers in Maryland have deviced a male fertility test kit that is accurate and easy to use.

A team from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School have developed a smartphone attachment that can a process a man's semen in just a few seconds. The app that comes with the male fertility test kit can correctly calculate the viability of the sperm with an accuracy of up to 98 percent, The Guardian reported.

The device was assembled by the team using spare parts from DVD and CD drives. It is also simple and portable enough to use at home. The sample of semen is first loaded on a chip that is then inserted into a case attached to the smartphone.

The attachment contains lenses that align with the camera and magnifies the sample so a short video can be recorded. The video captured is then processed to count the number of sperm, their motility and estimate the total sperm that is moving, reported CNN.

The only limitation the male fertility test kit has is that it cannot examine the sperm's size and shape, which are vital in determining infertility. However, the study presents several advantages and future uses for this device. It can be used by vasectomy patients to monitor if the procedure was successful. It can also be used in lieu of laboratory-based tests which are time consuming and subjective.

The kit hopes to be an easy, cheap and accurate alternative that is much like a home pregnancy test kit for women. The researchers caution though that for men who have struggled with infertility for over a period of time should consult a doctor regardless of the result from the app. A thorough and more concise test done by a specialist always will be best.

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