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The Eres Clinic Mystery: Second Patient Dies In Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 25, 2017 09:45 AM EDT

The police in Hialeah, Florida are investigating Eres Plastic Surgery in connection to the death of Ranika Hall while undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. This is also the same clinic where another patient died while undergoing the same procedure in just under a year.

Hall, from Kansas City, Missouri, traveled to Florida to have the procedure done despite her family's objections. The police disclosed that the clinic called 911 when Hall stopped breathing after several hours in surgery and was rushed to an emergency room where she died after an hour.

The medical examiner ruled that the death in the plastic surgery gone wrong was caused by a fat embolism, where the fat had been injected into her bloodstream and stopped the absorption of oxygen after getting lodged in her lung area, reported the Chicago Tribune.

This is the fourth death connected to the network of clinics that operate Eres since 2013. Just last September, an Ecuadorian woman died during a tummy tuck when her heart stopped while Heather Meadows succumbed to complications after getting a Brazilian butt lift in May.

The clinic's first death connected to plastic surgery gone wrong was when a patient suffered from a lung embolism after undergoing a procedure in 2013, the Miami Herald reported.

The Florida Health Department has already conducted an investigation even before Meadows died in 2016. The results showed that the clinic's surgeons may have allowed staffers to do pre-operation screenings as signed documents do not show the doctors actually performed them. Aside from the deaths arising from plastic surgery gone wrong, there have also been complaints of major injuries following procedures done in the clinic.

A Brazilian butt lift is generally safe. Liposuction removes unwanted fats from other parts of the body and then injected into the buttocks, thereby avoiding the need for foreign materials or implants.

The procedure, however, is not without complications. These include excessive bleeding, blood clots, infection, contour irregularities, and fat embolism.

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