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Myths on Obesity Exposed

Update Date: Jan 31, 2013 07:04 AM EST

Obesity has become a widely-discussed topic in the world and with it, many myths have been created. A recent study rubbishes many myths such as sex is a good form of exercise, skipping breakfast is bad, snacking increases obesity and so on.

A journal was published in the New England Journal of Medicine by lead author David Allison, a biostatistician at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

"False and scientifically unsupported beliefs about obesity are pervasive. As health professionals, we should hold ourselves to high standards so that public health statements are based on rigorous science. In instances where the science doesn't exist, we should conduct rigorous studies to find the answers," Allison said in a university news release.

The author in his article has exposed seven myths pertaining to obesity and said that there is no scientific data to prove these myths. They are:

  • Small calorie deposits or burns go on to produce a considerable impact in future.

In fact, these small calorie changes are not permanent; and as the BMI changes, these changes are undone.

  • Realistic goals are important, as obese people become disheartened when they can't meet the ambitious goals

Sometimes setting ambitious goals motivates obese people to get a better focus on their weight loss program.

  • Gradual weight loss is better than quick weight loss, as the latter is not permanent.

Obese people who lose weight faster retain it even after many years.

  • People focused and ready to lose weight are more successful in losing weight.

The success of the weight loss regime has nothing to do with a person's 'readiness'.

  • Current P.E. classes in schools help to lose weight.

A Physical Education class in its current format has no effect on losing weight.

  • Breastfed kids are protected against obesity.

There is a lot of scientific data that proves breastfeeding is good for both mother and child, but none that supports its protection against obesity.

  • Sex burns up to 300 kcals for each person every time.

In fact on an average, each time of sex burns only 21 calories, which is equal to the weight lost by sitting on a couch.

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