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North America, Asia: Leaders In Alternative Medicine And Therapy Market [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 30, 2017 10:35 AM EDT

Zion Market Research reported that North America and Asia are leading the alternative medicine market due to a favorable recognition of its role in wellness worldwide.

In the past, conventional medicine doctors would often dismiss it as a form of treatment that has no place in hospitals but more and more major hospitals in the U.S. have been offering a few of them to patients.

In the forecast for the year up to 2021, Asia Pacific region could see a rapid growth in the alternative medicine and therapy market. India and China are expected to see this as well, according to MedGadget.

Many patients are exploring their options with holistic treatments alongside western medicine therapy. While doctors' opinions on the matter vary widely, there are a few things they have in common with practitioners of alternative medicine.

A consultation with their primary health care provider is the first step patients should take before attempting any other types of intervention even if it looks safe. After getting a clear and final diagnosis, they may discuss their treatment options with the doctor.

Some herbal remedies are generally safe to use but they could interact with medicine when used in conjunction with them. Thus, it is important to talk with the doctor before including them in the treatment regimen.

Doctors' hesitation to endorse alternative treatment stems from sparse research on the effectiveness of these treatments. Their counterparts in non-traditional medical practice argue that what they offer has been tried and tested for over centuries. The National Center for complementary and Integrative Health admitted that clinical trials showed some evidence that acupuncture may be useful for pain management. It recommends getting holistic treatments from only the well-trained, licensed or certified professionals.

When a patient is seriously ill, injured or in an emergency, standard medical care is the right option. Its diagnostic methods cannot be trumped by the alternative approach, Well And Good reported.

Mainstream and holistic treatment may complement each other but it is for the best interest of patients to check the suitability for their condition and to keep their doctors informed.

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