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The -Z List of THE Happiness Diet [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 23, 2017 10:40 AM EDT

A recent study reveals that scrimping and agitation can be triggered by a person's diet options. Cutting down on snacks and portion sizes can negatively affect one's mood. With the aid of a new dietary program called The Happiness Diet, trimming one's waistline while maintaining a healthy outlook and feeling happy at the same time is now possible.

Chemical properties of the food items that a person eats affect their emotions. To be able to feel great without adding inches to the waistline, Dr. Sarah Brewer, Medical Director at Healthspan and author of the book "Eat Well Stay Well" shares the A-Z list of the comprehensive Happiness Diet.

The food program is not only made up of food items but as well as activities that a person should be doing and should be avoiding to be able to stay healthy and happy. Abstinence from alcoholic drinks for a week or two is on the top of the Happiness Diet list.

Thirty-minute daily exercise is also one of the things that could help a person stay healthy and feel happier. Food items included in the list are crab meat, dark chocolate, bananas, garlic, hummus, iodine, nuts, oats, pesto, red rice, soy quinoa, milk and turkey, the Daily Mail UK enumerates.

In a similar study, the myth that fish contains high mercury and will make a person sick were also annulled. Fish is one of the important components of the Happiness Food Program. Contrary to beliefs, mercury can build up in older and larger fishes like marlin and sharks and not in the type of fishes that humans usually consume. The FDA also maintain a helpful list of guidelines for mercury content in seafood items such as salmon, oysters, herring, sardines, trout and mackerel, the Independent UK reported.

Scientists also reveal that switching from high-fat to low-fat diet can lead to feelings of tension, hostility, and anger. The nutrition that a person eats affects the production of the happy chemicals in the body called serotonin. Thus, incorporating the food items found in the new food program, into your daily habit can help in maintain a slimmer waistline and a healthier perspective on life.


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