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'Samurai Jack' Season 5 Recap: Jack Deals With A Gruesome Death, Aku Returns In 'XCIII'

Update Date: Mar 20, 2017 08:58 AM EDT

"Samurai Jack" Season 5 Episode 2 "XCIII" ended up on an interesting note. Jack is still alive but it had affected his life really gravely. Read on for more details.

The well-known animated series returns to Cartoon Network after 14 years. However, it was far longer for Samurai Jack. Half a century have passed since Jack's time travel adventures.

In "Samurai Jack" Season 5 premiere, Jack now sports a beard and a longer hairstyle. He also wears a traditional Japanese armor, other than his usual samurai attire in the past. Aside from this, he seemed older and stressed in appearance.

Aku's Debut iI Season 5 Episode 2

According to IGN, fans had the chance to see Aku again in episode 2. He is the mysterious creature who is the main antagonist in the series. While talking to his psychologist, Aku tried to weigh in the pros and cons of Jack's current status.

The psychologist tells Aku that Jack looked very different from what the fans saw. Both Akus talked about the changes that happened to Jack. The latter is unable to return to his loved ones and he cannot age like an ordinary human.

The second episode of "Samurai Jack" Season 2 marked the return of the Daughters of Aku. They were able to be at par with him, which made it more difficult for Jack.

Meanwhile, Jack also struggled with himself. His former self persuaded him to commit suicide. The daughters then found him at a ruined temple. They continued to fight and he was able to kill one of them.

Creator Talks About The Horrible Death

Genndy Tartakovsky spoke about Jack's recent kill in "Samurai Jack" Season 5 Episode 2. In the last two episodes, Jack was on a " psychological" journey. He added that Jack had to make some deep reflections over his actions.

The creator told Entertainment Weekly that he wanted to pay homage to the film "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." The episode had a graveyard scene with "The Ecstasy of Gold" playing in the background.

“We did a similar feel and what’s great about that scene is the music. The music is this piece about the oncoming doom and death," he said. "It contradicts everything of the music that’s leading up to it that it kind of just hits you.”

"Samurai Jack" Season 5 airs on Saturdays on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

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