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Health Benefits of Broccoli and How It May Reduce Cancer Risks [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 20, 2017 07:16 AM EDT

Researchers found a compound present in broccoli, sulforaphane, which is found to be capable of preventing and treating cancer. The compound is also present in other cruciferous vegetables and proved to play a big role in preventing prostate cancer cells from spreading.

A research conducted at the Oregon State University revealed that the sulforaphane compound present in broccoli can reduce long noncoding RNA's present in prostate cancer cells. RNA's are metastatic and can also lead to developing several other types of cancers in the breast, stomach, and the lungs.

This discovery can open up a new range of dietary options, foods, drugs and strategies, derived from the compound, that can help preventing cancer cells from spreading, or eventually annihilating it, the Medical News Today reported.

IncRNAs are cells that can regulate gene expression in the body. If this occurs, genes are switched irregularly preventing them from doing their jobs properly. As the IncRNA's becomes dysregulated, spreading of cancer cells develop. The role of IncRNA's proves to be very significant, thus targeting this cells through the sulforaphane present in broccoli is a remarkable discovery.

Prostate cancer cells show a high expression of IncRNA's called LINC01116. In the experiment, administering sulforaphane to the prostate cancer cells reduced expression levels and lead to a fourfold reduction in the cells' capabilities to form colonies, MidDay cited.

Prostate cancer is considered as the second most frequently diagnosed form of cancer in men around the globe. Treating prostate cancer with sulforaphane could normalize the levels of IncRNA in the body. This experiment also reinforces a new avenue for chemoprevention research and chemicals that can be derived from natural sources that can alter cancer cells.

Results of the experiment suggest that an increased consumption of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli lower the risk of developing prostate cancer. This may also offer a new way of specifically treating prostate cancer or preventing cancer from ever occurring.


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