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Tsimane Bolivian People Have the Healthiest Hearts in the World [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 20, 2017 07:37 AM EDT

A total of 16,000 Tsimane people who live in the forest of Bolivia has been found out to have the healthiest hearts in the world. The incredible population, with radically different ways of diet and living, barely had signs of clogged arteries, even its older population.

The incredible Tsimane population living near the Maniqui River in the Amazon rainforests in Bolivia currently holds the record of having the healthiest hearts in the world. The Tsimane people who love hunting, fishing, and farming barely showed any signs of clogged arteries, even with the elderly. Experts believed that their radical way of living, similar to how the early human civilizations had, is the reason why they possess the healthy hearts, compared to the rest of the world, the BBC news cited.

Doctors and medical experts visited the remote island to understand why people living in this community were at the epitome of their cardiovascular health. Researchers discovered that the Tsimane diet played a vital part of why these people managed to have healthy hearts despite the changes in the environment nowadays.

Seven percent of the Tsimane diet is game or wild animals that they hunted. These are composed mainly of wild pig, tapir, and capybara, a type of forest rodent. They also consume freshwater catfish and piranha.

Most of their food source comes from family farms where they grow maize, rice, manioc root, and plantains. They also get their regular dose of fruits from foraged fruits and nuts gathered around the forest.

Most of their calorie intake were from carbohydrates, 72 percent to be exact, compared to that of the US who get 52 percent of its calorie intake from carbohydrates. Tsimane people eat leaner meat and consume less fat compared to the average American, the Science Daily reveals.

Besides having a healthy heart, Tsimane people are also more physically active, especially the men, who walk an average of 17,000 steps on a day while their women with 16,000 steps. Even those aged 60 years old and above walk an average of 15,000 steps on a day.

The communities remarkable dose of exercise, healthy food options, and holistic way of living keeps them healthy and prevents them from acquiring heart diseases.


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