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Nostradamus Predictions For 2017: Possibility Of A New Tyrant; China’s Moves To Cure World’s Economic Imbalance

Update Date: Mar 19, 2017 08:34 PM EDT

Nostradamus may have lived in the 16th century but his predictions have always perplexed experts in the last 450 years after his death. According to Nostradamus’ followers, he had predicted plenty of things that all took place - as mentioned four centuries back.

Most importantly, tyrant Adolf Hitler’s rise to power, the French revolution, and the attack at The World Trade Center are the most notable predictions that his followers claimed were already foretold by Nostradamus.

Nostradamus, who was also a French Physician, is mainly known for his book “Les Propheties.” In this article, we will mainly discuss about the predictions done by Nostradamus for the year 2017. Here, as also cited by The North East Today, are a few verses that are expected to emphasize what can happen this year.

Typical Predictions Done By Nostradamus

Firstly, Nostradamus talked about a royal scandal. Although no direct names were taken by him, perhaps not possible to foresee and recognize the people centuries after, but the words used by him are truly striking. “Letters are found in the queen’s chests, no signature and no name of the author. The ruse will conceal the offers; so that they do not know who the lover is.”

Nostradamus also predicted about a leader and compared him (by the word He) with a fox. According to Nostradamus, this fox-character man will be elected without speaking a single word and appear as an innocent in public, living on barley bread. Suddenly he will become a tyrant and start crushing people like a dictator.

China And Italy’s Fate Predicted By Nostradamus

According to Express, Nostradamus’ predictions on the world economy indicated that China is expected to make bold moves. China’s action will be able to cure the present economic imbalance in the whole world, as Nostradamus’ followers believe.

On the other hand, Italy’s condition may come down with rising unemployment, economy hardship, international loans and debts. All these issues can make Italy the epicenter of a new Eurozone crisis.

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