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Oxford Invented A New Lip Reading Technology; Here's What We Know So Far

Update Date: Mar 18, 2017 10:57 PM EDT

Get to know more about Lip Reading Technology. Frank Hubner is the man behind Automated Lip Reading (ALR). Here's more details about it.

For human lip-readers, context is essential in interpreting messages displaced of the full difference of their audio cues. But a technology model for lip-reading has been bestowed to be capable of interpreting mouthed words .

Oxford University Has Its Own Lip Reading Technology

Experts at Oxford announced that they've created an artificial intelligence system that can lip-read better than individuals. "Watch, Attend and Spell", as the software has been designated, can now watch the soundless conversation and get about 50% of the words accurate.

That may not sound too remarkable - but when the researchers provided the same clips to trained lip-readers, they got only 12% of words right, as reported by BBC.

What More Can We Expect From This Lip Reading Technology?

The terms of lip-reading efficiency fluctuates, but one thing's for certain: it is far from an excellent method of interpreting speech. In an earlier report, Oxford computer specialists stated that on average, hearing-impaired lip-readers can obtain 52.3 percent efficiency. Meanwhile, experts from Georgia Tech suppose that only 30 percent of any speech is noticeable on the lips, according to a report from News Atlas.

Whatever the instance, this software can automate the responsibility and/or increase its efficiency and could have a prominent influence on the lives of the hearing impaired. This new lip-reading technology would be capable of enhancing the efficiency and speed of speech-to-text particularly in vociferous surroundings and we support additional research in this range and look forward to recognizing new progressions being made, said Jesal Vishnuram, Technology Research Manager of the British charity Action on Hearing Loss.

Stay tuned for further updates about this amazing technology that can be a beneficial device for people, especially those who have difficulty in hearing.

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