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Hangover Remedies And Its Wonders To Nurse After Party [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 15, 2017 08:48 AM EDT

Alcohol drinking is not that bad at all; in fact, it's proved to have health benefits too. But excessive amounts of alcohol content in the body lead to serious health problems and might possibly leave one in a really bad state the following morning hangover.

For those who might not know, hang-over is the unpleasant state the body is in after a night of heavy booze. Hangover symptoms may vary depending on a person's alcohol tolerance. Just to mention a few, it's usually a series of headaches, poor sleep, tiredness and thirstiness.

Now, the cure to hangover, scientifically speaking, is yet to be known. A lot has been theorized on how to make it go away with the likes of eating greasy stuff, or drinking a strong cup of coffee or to just simply pop a pain reliever or two. Simply put, how does one possibly prevent and nurse a bad case of hangover?


Hydrate your body with water. Alcohol has this effect of making you want to go to the bathroom frequently. A CNN article says that light-headedness, thirst and dizziness are the early signs of dehydration. Never let this pass.


Dr. Sharon Horesh Bergquist, a doctor at the Emory Healthcare, says to bust that myth of eating greasy food to let the alcohol content soak up. It's is a big no-no since it might just upset your stomach all the more. Instead, eat food rich in protein and carbohydrates- skip the oil.


According to the WebMD, drinking alcohol and puffing a cigarette together at the same time, is not the smartest health decision one could make. An Associate Director of the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University relays that puff and gulp combined results to worst hangovers; not to mention the increased risk of acquiring cancers of the mouth and throat rapidly.


The color of your drink greatly affects your condition in the morning. Clear-colored drinks like rum, gin and vodka are less harsh compared to scotch and bourbon which have congener compounds resulting to a really bad hangover one could ever experience.


There is no better way to nurse a hangover than to rest and sleep- or better yet, just try to avoid drinking too much. It will be less of a hassle.

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