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Irish Giant's Remains Deprived of Request To Be Buried at Sea [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 14, 2017 09:36 PM EDT

Charles Byrne, an 18th-century Irishman diagnosed with Acromegalic Gigantism  and the Irish's skeletal remains are found at the Hunterian Museum in London and is available for display and public viewing. Reports say that Charles wanted to be buried at sea but the Royal College of Surgeons refuse to surrender the remnants of the giant.

Campaigns have been made to follow Byrne's alleged request to have his remains thrown into the sea but the museum claims that there are still benefits of education and research that might benefit those with this kind of acromegaly cases. The desire to bury the Irish giant according to his request is not at all legally binding and there was also no written account of will and instruction that could be a basis for this claim.

In a report released by the Shots, the Royal College of Surgeon said that it believes Charles Byrne's skeletal remains' value outweighs the giant's wish for his body to be disposed at sea. Also, an evidence for this has not been confirmed.

The museum authorities said that it's impoortant to have access to Charles Byrne's skeleton for it's a resource of research information for the FIPA (Familial Isolated Pituitary Adenoma) in linking Byrne's genetics to individuals and communities who also suffer the same kind of condition as he once had.

Dr. Thomas Muinzer, a lecturer at the University of Sterling, studied Byrne's life and opposes with the Royal Surgeon's reason of not releasing what's left of Byrne's body. Muinzer said that a number of extensive studies have already been done in the skeleton, as well as a full record on DNA is on file, which then qualifies for the making of another replica of the system, in an article of The Journal.

Byrnes died at the age of 22 when he acquired tuberculosis after being robbed out of all his fortune which worsened his present health condition.

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