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Stephen Hawking on Earth and Humanity: It Is The Most Dangerous Time [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 10, 2017 09:48 AM EST

Stephen Hawking is convinced that it is the most dangerous time for the Earth. Humanity is facing several threats to its existence brought about by sudden disasters, diseases and even technological advancement.

The world-renown scientist from Cambridge warned of various events that could lead to irreversible damage to life on the planet. Hawking believed that overpopulation, diseases, food production and acidification of the oceans were real concerns.

He wrote about how robots had taken over the work that humans had before. He found it ironic that technology that could cause the destruction of the Earth already exists but it has been unable to prepare humanity a way to escape the doom, Stephen Hawking implied in a comment article in The Guardian.

The 75-year old theoretical physicist suggested that through the cooperation of people all over the world, it is possible to protect the planet from the threats. Hawking emphasized that it is advantageous to create links within and among nations instead of obstacles.

In a lecture on Jan. 7 about research in black holes, Hawking also warned that genetically engineered viruses, a sudden nuclear war or global warming could wipe out life on Earth and the only hope lies in colonization of other planets.

The famous professor explained in an interview with The TIMES that in human evolution, aggression was hard-wired into our genes. Controlling this instinct requires the use of logic and reason; otherwise, our aggressive tendency will drive us to extinction in a nuclear or biological war.

He suggested that a one world government might be the answer for survival but it too could become tyrannical.

For Stephen Hawking, the future may look bleak but he had faith in the capacity of the human race to meet the challenges head on. Hawking believed that the advantages gained from technological progress are endless, and it can be used to deal with the threats to our survival.

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