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Does 'Pokemon Go' Actually Give A Health Boost; Here's The Details

Update Date: Mar 10, 2017 06:30 AM EST

If you believe that you need to exercise, but don't feel like it, you probably haven't tried "Pokemon Go." Researchers have found that users of this app are more likely to reach their 10,000 steps by just playing the phone app.

Couch potatoes who need to shed off some weight are more likely to benefit from just playing the game,, according to The MirrorThe objective of the game is to collect animal creatures by moving around a physical location. The said Pokemon creatures can only be found and captured using mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Since its release last year, there are only a few studies on the health benefits of this game.

Fit to Go

Hanzhang Xu, a graduate student at the Duke University School of Nursing that said that they wanted to study if whether "Pokemon Go"is one way to make people enjoy physical activities. After recruiting more than 150 iPhone users who had played the game, their finding suggested that, "active-play games, such as "Pokemon Go," may provide some sort of exercise to people who are less active due to choice of lifestyle." Another finding that the researcher got is that players can also take 10,00 steps or more whenever they play "Pokemon Go".

Pokemon Gone?

Apparently, it is not just the weight of "Pokemon Go" players that have gone down. The number of players of this game app is in a rapid decline. Since its launching in July, everyone from around the world have played the app. By mid-Sept., the daily download tremendously declined from its peak of 27 million to only 700,000.

Although it still generates favorable revenues, its decline has been as sensationalized as its rise, earning the name "Pokemon Gone." Lack of customer communication, removing of popular features, and not adding new ones are just some of the factors of the decline of the app users.

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