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Bad Eating Habits Cause High Death Rates In The U.S. [VIDEO]

Update Date: Mar 09, 2017 01:06 AM EST

A U.S. Government research data shows that diabetes, congenital diseases, and stroke are the most common reasons of death of about 700,000 or 45 percent of the American population in 2012 and is growing fast enough year by year because of poor food choice and eating habits. 

Foods that are overeaten were branded as bad food and the bracket includes soda and sugary drinks, processed meat and sodium-rich food; while seldom touched food or good food are vegetables and fruits, nuts and legumes, seafood and whole grains, Boston Globe reported.

Americans consume too much processed meats and salt with the growing population of the fast food industry and ready-to-go meals. It's imperative to know that too much salt is one of the main reasons for blood pressure increase and stress resulting to blockage of heart arteries. With this, 10 percent of the total population of death in a year is constituted by bad food choice and unhealthy eating habits. These numbers also include diabetes and heart problems. 

Due to the findings of the study, the Food and Drug Administration created new guidelines for processed food providers which imposes the reduction of sodium in their products while States across the U.S. have also made protocols on sugar-sweetened beverages and desserts.

Renata Micha, a nutritionist at Tufts University and a public health researcher said that the research aims to inform the public that with community dissemination and information about the importance of proper food choices and utilization of good food groups, Americans may be more informed and conscious so that deaths, as a result of bad food habits may be lowered down and prevented, CBS News reported.

The research data and findings of the study were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association last Tuesday, March 17. 

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