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Traces of Horsemeat Found in Ground Beef

Update Date: Jan 17, 2013 12:04 PM EST

Ground beef sold in the market was found to contain horsemeat and in some cases pig's meat, according to a recent analysis done by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland(FSAI).

A total of 27 samples of ground beef were bought from different grocery stores around U.K and Ireland and the results were astonishing. While 10 of the samples contained horse DNA, 23 of the samples contained pig DNA.

DNA is otherwise known as deoxyribonucleic acid and contains all the genes and hereditary information of an individual.

The horsemeat was found in 27 percent of the ground beefs taken. It was found that while the presence of pig DNA was explained by the fact that meat of both are processed in the same place, the presence of horsemeat, however, could not be explained.

The FSAI report though clearly states that the presence of horsemeat has no health risk, still it does put a question mark on the affectivity of the regulations observed by the meat processing industry of U.K and Ireland. While some shopper's might be wary about the presence of horsemeat, consumption of horse and pig's meat is prohibited in some religions.

The samples were taken from Tesco, Dunnes Stores, Lidl and Aldi. The meat for the beef, which also contained horsemeat came from two plants, according to the FSAI. The first one is Liffey Meats in Ireland and the second one is Dalepak Hambleton located in Yorkshire.

The finding might alarm the regular shoppers who would now be wary of all the ground beef in the market. To counter that, all the stores have discontinued the ground beef from their shops and have assured the customers an in-depth investigation to isolate the cause.

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