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Netflix And (Not) Chill! Popular Online Streaming Site Shared Instructions For DIY Netflix Personal Trainer

Update Date: Mar 08, 2017 08:07 PM EST

Ever since Netflix came into the lives of people, the popular online streaming site has not only help coined the term, "Netflix and Chill", but also reinvented the concept of modern day couch potatoes. But just recently, Netflix is jumping into the fitness bandwagon as they shared detailed instructions for a DIY physical fitness tracking device.

As the name suggest, the Netflix Personal Trainer is a do-it-yourself project where people who have a lot of time in their hands, create a Netflix-themed device. The personal trainer device can be connected through a smartphone or through Bluetooth. It can measure the pace of the person's workout through its accelerometer.

But the DIY project is not for the faint-hearted. It requires skills with a soldering iron and some rudimentary know-how on coding. And as the device has several components that an individual need to put together, technical skills and possibly a lot of patience is needed to build your very own Netflix-inspired activity monitor and fitness tracker or as people from Netflix suggested, have some technically savvy and possibly superior friend to make you one.

Just like any activity-monitoring devices, the customizable device tracks the individual's activity level and the set threshold. By tweaking the provided code, anyone can customize their Netflix Personal Trainer either set to listening to music or watching Netflix shows while working out. The more unique and fun function of the personal trainer is that the person's motivation coach can be any Netflix character the person likes.

But the Netflix-based motivation coaches is not just the quirky features the DIY fitness tracking device has. As it is a personal training device, when it detects that the person is performing under their set threshold, it can cut off the access or just pause the Netflix show the person is watching. Plus, when the personal training device detects that the person is slowing down or slipping from his or her fitness goals, the Netflix characters motivates the person to keep going.

Mashable reports, the Netflix Make-It project is the latest project that came out of the company's annual Hack Day. Previously, it produced the concept of the Netflix socks and other Netflix-related projects.

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