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Stand Up to Lose Weight in Office

Update Date: Jan 14, 2013 07:46 AM EST

For those who are always in search of new ways to reduce weight, here's a new one. Stand up for at least three hours at office every day.

In a research carried out by Dr. John Buckley from the University of Chester, standing up for three hours at office every day will reduce up to 8lbs (3.6 kg) fat a year and consume 144 calories. Dr. Buckley is closely associated with England's chief medical officer as a member of a panel of experts who deal with obesity issues.

This approach is not a new one. Noted writer Ernest Hemingway and Vladimir Nabokov championed this cause. Both of them preferred to stand and write. "Writing and travel broaden your ass if not your mind and I like to write standing up," was what Hemingway had to say in a letter written in 1950.

Standing up while in office improves blood circulation and reduces obesity. It also improves the basal metabolic rate or BMR, which is a method to measure metabolic rate of the body. While standing and walking increases the BMR, sitting, lying down or sleeping lowers the BMR considerably.

For this purpose, the office desks need to be redesigned. The desk has to be adjustable so that the height can be increased or decreased whenever necessary. If not, then walking needs to be done as often as possible, especially if one is feeling tired or lazy. It might help in increasing the brain activity, thus making the individual more active.

"People are sitting down at work, then sitting in the car and then sitting down in front of the television. Your metabolic rate crashes to an absolute minimum. It isn't natural. Humans are designed to stand up and keep moving," Dr. Buckley told BBC News.

There have been several researches carried out in the past that link obesity with a sedentary lifestyle and lack of proper exercise. This research not only confirms them, but also stresses on the importance to be physically active while in office as well.

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