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What Personality Type Determines Success In The Workplace?

Update Date: Mar 02, 2017 08:40 AM EST

An individual personality type can determine success, friendship and relationship. Recently, researchers identified different personality types that have great influence in the job.

According to research published in Harvard Business Review, there are four personality types. Researchers for Deloitte's Business Chemistry system partnered with anthropologist Helen Fisher and molecular biologist Lee Silver, both from Rutgers University.

They came up with an assessment questionnaire and gave it to more than 190,000 people. The team also observed more than 3,000 work sessions in action to determine how each personality type thrives and how the combination work together.

The first personality type the team has identified is the pioneers. They are usually adaptive, imaginative, outgoing and spontaneous. These individuals are also focused on the big picture in the workplace.

Leaders often belong to the pioneer personality type because they want to try out news ideas and take risks. Since they are focused on the big picture, they do not want to be bothered with the small details. On the other side, they have the tendency to be overconfident and impulsive.

The driver personality type is deeply curious and competitive. Like the pioneers, these individuals are also focused. Moreover, they are also quantitative, logical and experimental. 

Drivers value data; that's why they like to see results. Because they tend to be impatient, person with this personality type can jump into decisions even without thinking about the matter.

The integrators personality type is considered as the people person. They tend to engage in conversation with co-workers first before going straight to business. Pioneers and drivers may end up bossing the integrators around because they do not want to disrupt peace in the workplace.

The most stressed out personality type is the guardian. They are methodical, structured, practical and detail-oriented. They are also the loyal ones. Sometimes, they do not speak unless they are sure of what they are going to say.

Researchers advise that the team should work with opposite personality type to balance out the workplace. It is important to reconcile differences in personality and accept that no personality type is perfect.

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