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The Dos and Don'ts of Partying for Expecting Mothers

Update Date: Dec 30, 2012 06:56 AM EST

The big New Year party is right round the corner and if you are an expectant mother, you have a much bigger reason to celebrate than anyone else. While your mother or a concerned aunt must be telling you not to step out of the house, there's really no reason to lock yourself at home and feel depressed if only you can just follow a few dos and don'ts of partying.

Go out, party and enjoy the bash. But remember that even a little carelessness can land you in trouble. Here are a few tips from the website for the safety of you and your baby on this New Year's Eve.  

Drink ample amounts of water: Since you are pregnant, it is extremely important for you to stay hydrated.  Nausea and food cravings are really common during pregnancy and it will help you to drink water and stay fuller.

Snack on something: it is known that food cravings are common during pregnancy. You may want to carry a little of your favorite snack with you in case you feel really hungry. It is certainly a better idea than waiting for the food to be served at the party. Choose low-calorie and healthy snacks. You may want to keep something that is a mood booster and an energy snack like chocolate. Avoid uncooked meat or fish. Bacterial infections in uncooked meat or cheese can be really dangerous during pregnancy, the report says.

Move, but not too much: The high groove party music is bound to get you excited and turn your party mood on. Remember you can dance, but not too hard. Moving a little during pregnancy is in fact advised by doctors around the world, just that one should know the limits.

Clothing: While it is normal to feel the need to flaunt the bump, make sure the clothing material is not something that would irritate you and also make sure it is loose enough to keep you comfortable.

Heels: Party outfits are best matched with high heels. However, your situation is a little different than others and you may want to avoid wearing heels because you cannot afford to lose your balance even a bit.

No alcohol: Well this is not just for the party but if you are a responsible person, you already know that alcohol is a complete no-no for expectant mothers. At the party, a glass of wine may be fine, preferably, avoid any drinks with alcohol content.

No smoking: The same applies for smoking as well. However, you may not only avoid smoking yourself, but may want to stay away from people who smoke, since active and passive smoking, both are very harmful for the baby. In case the party atmosphere fills up with smoke, you may want to go out and breathe in some fresh air.   

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