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How Ketogenic Diets May Protect Against Gout, Epilepsy

Update Date: Mar 01, 2017 07:00 AM EST

A ketogenic diet helps in raising BHB levels that help in inhibiting NLRP# inflammasome, thus the symptoms of urate crystal-induced gout were lessened without posing negative impacts to the immune system. This diet option also aids in controlling seizures for epileptics who are resistant to traditional anti-seizure drugs.

Medical News Today reveals that gout, a form of rheumatic disease is triggered by a protein complex called the NLRP3 inflammasome. Through the aid of a ketogenic diet, a physiological ketosis is induced in the body wherein the body reserves of glucose are no longer enough for the needs of the central nervous system.

When this occurs, the central nervous system turns liver fats into fatty acids and ketone bodies as an alternative source of energy. One of the ketone bodies produced during this process helps in reducing urate crystal-induced gout.

The study was conducted in the laboratory of Professor Vishwa Deep Dixit, an expert in the field of comparative medicine and immunobiology at the Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, CT. The experiments showed impressive results for both rodent and human test samples.

Meanwhile, an article posted by Science Daily identifies the introduction of the ketogenic diet into one's daily source of nutrition reveals that it can help in alleviating the symptoms of seizures for adults suffering from epilepsy that is resistant to traditional anti-seizure medications.

For the study, 15 patients that were already hospitalized with super-refractory status epilepticus from the Johns Hopkins Hospital, Mayo Clinic, the Queen's Medical Center in Honolulu and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Patients range from 18 to 82-years old and were put into a temporary coma to protect the muscles, kidneys, and brain from damage due to prolonged seizure episodes.

A commercially prepared ketogenic diet was then introduced through a feeding tube over 72 hours while in a medically induced coma.

A ketogenic diet, which is low in carbohydrates is usually used to lose weight. However, as it creates a physiological ketosis into the body, relieving the symptoms of gout as well as diminishing seizure episodes for epilepsy, it can be considered as a natural and safer way to address such ailments.

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