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Project Scorpio On Xbox One Will Be Available Next Month; Here's All The Details

Update Date: Feb 27, 2017 11:27 PM EST

Xbox One Project Scorpio will feature game titles under Gold subscription. Here's what you gamers need to know.

According to a report posted by Express, multiplayer games with Gold will be launched this week as, stated by Microsoft.

What Are Those Xbox Titles?

The titles included are "Layers of Fear" and "Borderlands 2", which will be free for download until Mar. 31 and Mar. 16, respectively. The one Feb. GwG title set that is still included on the list for Mar. is "Project Cars", which won't be followed until halfway through the month by "Evolve: Ultimate Edition."

These games are also playable on the backward compatibility. The sequel of "Wariors of Mordor" are also included inn the list of titles. "Wariors of Mordor" can be played on Xbox 360 before.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" For Xbox One

The "Mass Effect: Andromeda" multiplayer mode has not been revealed by BioWare, but some facts have already surfaced. A member of the "ME: Andromeda" development team has confirmed that although players will not be able to change any faces in multiplayer, there will be some form of customization. Producer Fernando Melo has not gone into much detail, but he said there will me be plenty of jumping enemies to slay with Salarians wielding swords.

What's The Future of Xbox One In The Gaming Industry Within The Coming Years?

Digital media expert Michael Goodman stated his forecasts on WeWriteThings about the future of Xbox One, especially Project Scorpio. He revealed that the Xbox One Project Scorpio will be more popular after two to three years from now.

For him, it might take a year or two before the platform becomes more established in the gaming industry, compared to other interactive gaming gadgets. Although he believes that Microsoft will continuously compete with other rivals in the market, as reported by ONMSFT. This is absolutely great news for Xbox One owners.

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