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Sugary Drinks Banned at Leisure Centers in Salford, England

Update Date: Feb 26, 2017 07:20 AM EST

Several cities and countries are making their move against obesity by banning sugary drinks in public areas and school. Salford city in Greater Manchester, England is also attempting to fight the growing obesity problem in the city by prohibiting sugary drinks at leisure centers located in the urban area.

The move to the city to prohibit sugary drinks in public centers is brought by recent findings that almost 23% of four and 5-year old children in the city are obese. It was also revealed that more than 33% of ten and 11-year-olds are also overweight or suffering from obesity, Mirror UK reports. Leisure centers in the area are bow banning sugary drinks to control and solve the obesity pandemic in the city.

Salford Community Leisure who currently runs 8 leisure centers in Salford were the first one to ban unhealthy drinks in their business. Other leisure centers have already removed sugar-laden fizzy pop and juices stands as well as in vending machines and cafes. Bottled and canned soda, lemonade and sports drinks were also removed from this centers. Syrup-heavy slushies were also removed from the cafes and restaurants menu.

Earlier this year, Business Insider also reports about France's move in banning sugary drinks to fight obesity and diabetes. The country has prohibited the free, and unlimited serving of soda and sugary drinks in schools, restaurants and leisure centers in the country. This move was executed to be able to address the country's increasing problems in obesity.

In France, one in every 6 adults is obese and is currently above the EU average. One in every 5 French children, on the other hand, is considered overweight.

Sugary drinks re believed to be the major contributor to the rising incidences of obesity in the city. Even with high-poverty issues in the area, 63 percent of the residents aged 16 and over and overweight while 27 percent are obese. Younger kids, on the other hand, suffer from tooth decay. Limits are also being imposed on the opening hours or chippies and burger joints that are located 400 yards of secondary schools.

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