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Medical Robots: Impact And Role In Patient Healthcare

Update Date: Feb 23, 2017 07:50 AM EST

Robots are very useful nowadays. One of the most common robots is the mobile robot, capable of moving around in their environment and not just fixed into one physical location. Robots are also used in education, military, mining and research. But most importantly, robots are now becoming useful in the medical world.

According to CKNW, medical robots are changing the healthcare. Sheffield University professor Noel Sharkey is a robotic expert and narrate how a patient's normal hospital visit and their treatment has been changing through the years.

Sharkey cited St. George's Hospital in Scotland as an example. He said that it is a robot hospital which means that robots are doing assistive works like delivering patients to the surgery and doing laundry.

Normally, a medical staff would fetch a patient to bring to the surgery room. But with the use of these robots, a medical staff would just load the patient to the trolley and the robot will bring the patient to the surgery room.

Robots are also very useful during an actual surgery. But aside from being useful in surgeries, Sharkey said that medical robots are also capable in helping out in patients that needs rehabilitation. For example, if a patient needs to move his arm or legs for 300 times a day and it needs to be guided.

If a person does that every day, it will be quite tiring. This is where medical robots could help because they don't get tired or lose patients. They are machines after all.

In Australia, Queensland University researcher Nicole Robinson is conducting the first Australian study that could have a positive impact of robots in a person's eating habits, as per Gizmodo Australia. She will be using two knee-high NAO robots named Andy and Rob in her study. If this will become a success, robots could also help in weight loss programs.

Nurses, technicians and physicians will still be the backbone of the medical world. However, these medical robots will help hospitals in saving cost, reducing waste and improving patient care. Because the role of modern technology is to improve our quality of life.

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