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Scientists Propose Outrageous Billion-Dollar Project To Stop Climate Change

Update Date: Feb 20, 2017 09:10 AM EST

Even if there are still people who believe that climate change is not real, a number of studies have already proven that climate change is real and its effects are being felt sooner than expected. One of the devastating effects brought upon by climate change is the rapid melting of ice in both Antarctica and the Arctic. In order to help prevent climate change, scientists are proposing an outrageous 500-billion-dollar project that aims to refreeze the melting ice in the Arctic.

Various experts from the field of science have confirmed that the Earth is feeling the effects of climate change brought upon by the increasing amounts of greenhouse gasses present in the atmosphere. One of the most visible effects of climate change is the increasing temperature of the planet causing the melting of the ice sheets in both Antarctica and the Artic. In order to stop the rapid melting of the ice in the Arctic, scientists from Arizona State University proposed a plan to refreeze the ice.

Refreezing the ice, in an effort to slow down climate change, takes technological innovation and so-called "geodesign" to make it successful. The proposed plan involving the sea ice generation in the Artic is aimed at preventing the further loss of the ice. This is based on an alarming report that with the continuous possibility of increasing global temperature, the current remaining ice in Arctic could all vanish by the year 2030 or earlier.

So in order to prevent further loss and regenerate sea ice in the Arctic, the scientists developed a method that will help enhance the natural process already present in the Arctic. The proposed method involves the use of around 10 million buoy-mounted wind pump system covering at least ten percent of the area of the Arctic ocean.

The system pumps seawater and spraying it on the surface of the remaining ice during Arctic winter. The timing is important as during winter, the sprayed water can easily freeze. The scientists are claiming that using this simple method, the thickness of the ice can increase by a meter during one period.

In addition, by implementing the proposed method over the course of ten years, the scientists are expecting the successful prevention of sea ice in the Arctic and thus preventing climate change. Further details of the Arctic ice management method is reported in the journal Earth's Future.

However, the proposed method would cost around 50 billion dollars a year with over 500 billion dollars spent during the entire duration of the project. But the scientists are adamant that the outrageous cost is worth it to prevent the further devastation caused by the melting of the ice and climate change. In fact, if the sea ice in the Arctic completely disappears, not only will it affect the ecosystem present in the Arctic, but also release a huge store of greenhouse gasses trapped in the ice thus speeding up climate change and weather patterns.

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