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The Dangers Of Sharing A Bed With A Newborn

Update Date: Feb 18, 2017 08:23 AM EST

SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome is a condition that affects all income brackets and is not limited with a specific socioeconomic group alone. In the United States, SIDS ranks as the number 1 cause of death for children one month to 1-year-old.

A recent report from Mirror UK reveals the horrifying experience of a couple on Greater Machester. The couple, Kylie Loveridge, 27 and Damien Sharples, 33 took their 13-month-old child into their bed because the kid was sick with bronchitis. The next morning, they discovered the child lifeless next to them. Although tests showed that their daughter Ava died due to "unascertained" natural causes, the incident left the couple, especially Kylie, her mother devastated.

According to the child's mother, the baby was perfectly fine before they went to sleep. Ava had bronchitis and as much as they would like to keep the child in her cot, she would scream and cry. This is the reason why the couple chose to bring Ava together in bed with them.

The couple further added that the child was perfectly fine, four weeks prior to the incident. Pediatric Pathologist Dr. Melanie Newbound, the professional who examined Ava, explained that there were no internet or external injuries found on the baby, thus concluding that the child died due to an unknown natural cause.

Meanwhile, in related news, cardboard bassinets are being given to new parents in New Jersey. The box can fit a newborn baby and also includes a bundle of new baby clothes, towels, toiletries and other baby basic needs, Yahoo News reports. This has been a long tradition in Finland, but it was New Jersey who became the first state to issue such in the United States.

The programs aim to ease the burdens less-fortunate parents face during the early stages of parenthood. This baby box program also aims to reduce the rates of sudden infant death syndrome in the US state.

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