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Census Report Reveals Women Live Longer Than Men

Update Date: Dec 11, 2012 06:04 AM EST

So what if they say this is a man's world? Women live here longer! At least that's what has been revealed by a latest Census Bureau report.

The report, released Monday, suggests that there are many more women making it to a hundred years on the planet than men.

The Census Bureau report based on 2010 census notes that for every 100 women who live a 100 years, there are just 20.7 men who live that long.  In the United States, the census apparently counted 53,364 people who are 100 and older.

For centuries together, man has been on the quest to discover the secret of a long life. A lot of research has been conducted to find out how some people live longer than others.

Large and steady improvements in trauma medicine, along with pharmacology, clean water and food and access to all forms of care, have helped lengthen life spans, especially in industrialized areas, reports Chicago Tribune. However, a long life has usually got to do not only with the genetics of people, but also more mundane factors such as income, diets, happiness etc., across cultures which contribute to a healthy and long life.

However, when the overall report is considered, the number of people making it to 100 years is still smaller, with less than 2 people in 10,000 being centenarians.

According to the census, about 62.5 percent of the centenarians were 100 or 101 years old, while just 0.6 percent of them were so-called super-centenarians or those who were 110 years-old or above in the U.S.

Better neighborhood, living conditions and access to health centers and medicine obviously seem to contribute to a longer life, as 85.7 percent of centenarians were found to be residents of urban areas.

Geographically, 17,444 centenarians were reportedly residents of the south while 13,112 were from the Midwest, 12,224 were from Northeast 10,564 from the West.

Considering race and ethnicity of centenarians, it was reported that 82.5 percent of them were white, and 5.8 were Latinos.  

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