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How Smoking In Men Affects Future Children

Update Date: Feb 17, 2017 08:40 AM EST

Latest studies reveal that bad habits like cigarette smoking can bring negative effects to the health of their future generations. A new study conducted on laboratory mice reveals that when a father smokes, their children will most likely have a higher tolerance for tobacco as well as other drugs.

In a report from Fox News, a scientific study conducted by researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School revealed that children of smoking fathers have a higher tolerance to tobacco but as well as with medications and drugs. Smoking fathers may bring risks in the health of their children by making them resistant to life-saving drugs like antibiotics, chemotherapy, and antidepressants.

This enhanced tolerance against chemicals and drugs may make it hard for children of smoking fathers to be medically treated for diseases. Although the study was conducted with nicotine and cocaine in considerations, the research team already concluded that this will most likely be the same condition even with other types of drugs in consideration.

Meanwhile, Boston Herald reveals that drug exposure can be transferred from one generation to another. The mother who has a physical link to her unborn child is not the only factor that can contribute to the future of the health of the baby, the research reveals that the health choices of the father have a significant effect on the unborn child as well.

The research was tested with hundreds of mice in the period of six-years. The male mice were exposed to nicotine before reproducing. Results showed that mice born from nicotine exposed fathers have the higher tolerance to nicotine and cocaine compared to mice born from non-exposed mice.

This study revealed that there is indeed a paternal link that plays a significant role in putting future children at risk due to cigarette smoking. A decade ago, health-related issues in children were attributed to the environment and conditions the mother possess. With this recent discovery, another evidence that health problems are indeed heretical opens a new world for experts to rediscover.

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