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Is Peroxide A Dangerous Cure For Poisoning?

Update Date: Feb 13, 2017 07:10 AM EST

Hydrogen peroxide has been widely used as an alternative medicine and is well-known for its health benefits. However, excessive or even proper consumption of the substance can lead to poisoning, and in some cases, can lead to stroke and other severe injuries.

CBC News reports that health experts are expressing their concerns over the purported use of hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is being regarded as a "super-water" that cures almost about anything. However, experts warn that too much concentration of peroxide can lead to accidental injury or worse, death.

Dr. Erci Lavonas from the American College of Emergency Physicians warned the public about the several cases wherein people suffer from strokes and other injuries due to drinking highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide. Investigations about the effects of consuming peroxide for its health benefits were also performed at the University of Colorado College of Medicine and at the Oregon Health & Science University.

The research reveals that there is no available scientific evidence that suggests that drinking peroxide is indeed beneficial to one's health. This alternative cure is also regarded as a more life-threatening chemical compared to the household hydrogen peroxide used in treating wounds.

The study was conducted from 2001 to 2011 from the US National Poison Data System and the American Association of Poison Control centers. During the period, nearly 300 cases of high-concentration peroxide poisoning were recorded, Health Day posted.

Of this number, 14 percent experienced partial or total blockage of blood flow to the heart, while others died or suffered from long term disability. Other recorded injuries include seizures, respiratory distress, heart attacks and altered mental wellness.

Such injuries can be attributed to the sudden release of a large amount of gas in the body that triggers the stomach to stretch. If the stomach is stressed, the gas has no more place to go, and in some cases, the stomach breaks. This gas also enters that arteries and the veins. Brain damage is also one of the risks that come with drinking hydrogen peroxide.

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