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Man Sprayed Pesticide Inside Ear To Remove A Cockroach

Update Date: Feb 10, 2017 07:00 AM EST

After several attempts in removing a cockroach inside the ear of a 60-year-old man in China, he finally decided to kill the insect by spraying insecticide. He was brought to the hospital afterward to remove the insect and treat the irritation that his ear had acquired as a reaction to the pesticide.

Yahoo News reports about a man in China who had a cockroach inside his ear for three days. The insect reported crawled inside the ear of the 60-year old man in Chengdu last February 1. He has already tried several measures in removing the insect, including toothpicks and tweezers. He decided to spray insecticide inside his ear instead.

He was brought to the hospital to remove the dead cockroach stuck in his ear. His ear was already swollen by that time due to the irritation caused by the pesticide that he used.

The cockroach was removed on February 3 by a doctor in Chengdu, South West China. According to him, insects usually finds a warm breeding ground during cold months, making the human ear a qualified spot. The 60-year-old who was given the pseudonym Li Qiang tried several methods to remove the cockroach inside his ear, Daily Mail UK reports.

He tried hitting his head with his hands, used ear wax scoop and other objects to remove the insect but to no avail. All his methods apparently sent the cockroach deeper into his ear canal. In desperation, he sprayed insecticide to his ear. The insect was killed immediately but remained inside his ear. His ear started to get swollen afterward.

A specialist removed the insect using an endo-otoscope to pull out the insect. The operation took one minute and the insect was already eight millimeters long after being stuck for 3 days inside Qiang's ears. Cockroaches, according to him are also attracted to the smell of sticky earwax. Making the ear a favorite destination by such insects. In similar incidents, he suggests to pour oil instead of using a pesticide to kill the insect.

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