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Over-thinking Stops Dietary Success; Diet And Exercise Reduce Cancer Risk

Update Date: Feb 09, 2017 09:08 AM EST

Diet is an important part of our everyday life. Although humans are omnivores, each person and culture holds some food taboos or food preferences. This is due to ethical reasons or personal tastes.

A particular diet may be chosen for a person to gain weight or lose weight. Some have succeeded in their diet goals and some didn't. And a recent survey shows the cause of most diet failures.

According to a survey conducted by CSIRO, over-thinking and fear of failure are the two main causes that stops perfectionist from achieving their weight loss goal, as per news.com.au. The survey consists of 28,000 people which show that 9 out of 10 adults attempted to lose weight in their lifetime. About 50% of them made more than six attempts, which 20 percent tried more than 25 times.

Out of those five "diet types" identified, it was the perfectionist or "over-thinkers" who were most likely to fail their dietary goals. The 'thinker' diet type was the leading type among 41 percent of adults.

People who are classified as 'thinker' diet type are analytical and goal-oriented. While these are good characteristics, it can also be counterproductive in achieving their diet goals. Behavioral scientists say that these people have a tendency to set unrealistic goals and give themselves very little room for error. This type is also prone to stress, anxiety and self-doubt, which could lead to over-eating and low success.

The second most common diet type, called 'the craver', scored high for people who are obese. On the other hand, 'foodie type' diet people were more likely to have normal weight. Aside from those three, the other diet types are 'the socialiser' and 'the freewheeler.'

If people have identified their diet type, this could help them in maintaining a healthy diet plan. Because they are more aware of their weaknesses and tendencies.

Diet, as well as exercise, really plays an integral part to live a healthy life. In fact, researchers in Seattle say that diet and exercise can help to reduce the proteins in the blood that increase one's chances of having cancer, as per Las Vegas Now

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