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Women’s Health: Football Fitness Effective In Countering High Blood Pressure

Update Date: Feb 08, 2017 09:58 AM EST

Football is one of the most popular sports in the whole world, played in over 200 countries and raking in billions of dollars a year. Football, just like any other sport, is an effective exercise with tremendous health benefits, especially for women. In a recent study by researchers from Denmark found that Football Fitness is effective in countering high blood pressure in women.

The project, conducted by the researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, was the first to demonstrate the long-term health benefits in participating in Football Fitness especially for women with high blood pressure. Besides, getting a better physical body, the participants of Football Fitness also had decreased body fat percentage and stronger bones. The researchers also found that Football Fitness is as effective as taking medicines for high blood pressure or mild hypertension.

A total of 31 women diagnosed with mild hypertension ranging from ages of 35 to 50 years old participated in a randomized trial. The women underwent football training for an hour two to three times a week. The Football Fitness program went for a year which corresponds to 128 sessions. The details of the project are published in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports.

Compared with women who did not participate in Football Fitness, women who trained in football lowered their blood pressures significantly. In addition, the women lost around 3.1 kg body fat mass, lower blood sugar, better bone mass, and better interval fitness.

According to the researchers, Football Fitness not only improved the physical fitness of the participants but also reduced their risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other lifestyle-caused diseases.

Football Fitness is ab exercise program based on intensive football research. The training program comprises of high-pulse training, strength training, and stamina training. Because of these different components of Football Fitness, participants of the program gain significant and broad-spectrum on health and physical. Most importantly, Football Fitness is as effective as medicines being taken for high blood pressure.

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