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Man Was Told He Was 'Just Fat' - But It Was Actually A 130-pound Abdominal Tumor

Update Date: Feb 08, 2017 09:15 AM EST

Doctors said it was only fat, but it was a 130-pound benign tumour. The so-called fat descended from his stomach and started growing 12 years ago, living on its own blood supply.

Roger Logan, 57, from Mississippi has seen several physicians and was told the same thing. They said "You're just fat." The mass was too large to be examined through a CT scan or other tests. In the past, doctors determined the mass as inoperable.

Logan had to spend five years living in an armchair. The large mass prohibited him to run his antique store or go fishing.

Kitty, Logan's wife searched for months for a physician that could help him. Kitty discovered Vipul Dev, a surgeon at Bakersfield Memorial Hospital who had previously treated someone with a similar mass. They decided to give it a shot despite being given only a 50 percent chance.

In late January, the couple went on a 40-hour road trip from Mississippi to Bakersfield. Logan had to seat in a reclining chair that was bolted to the floor in the back of a cargo van.

It was only after surgery that Logan was told that it was not fat, it was a tumour. Dev said that the 130-pound mass began as an ingrown hair. It's possible the hair follicle became infected that caused the tumour to swell to immense size as new blood vessels fed into the site.

Fox News reported on Thursday Logan walked for the first time in years. Logan is now looking forward to running his antique store, go fishing and his life back.

According to Washington Post, the 130-pound tumour was massive but not the largest recorded. In 2014, doctors from Beijing removed a 240-pount tumour from a man's back with neurofibromatosis. In 1905, doctors from Texas treated a woman with a 328-pound abdominal cyst.

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