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How Can Sports Make Fans Fat?

Update Date: Feb 08, 2017 06:53 PM EST

According to latest studies, one's favorite sport and attending games in stadiums and fields can be attributed to a person's recent weight gain. Constantly being stationary while indulging in a bag of chips, hot dogs, meat pies, and sugary drinks served during an event can make sport fans fat.

According to News Australia, being regularly present during a sporting match and other outdoor activities that involve watching a favorite sport is exposing spectators to greater risks in gaining weight. A new research revealed that the eating habits of most Australians attending sporting events are mostly composed of unhealthy food options, 75 percent to be exact.

This is the reason why healthier options are being explored to be commissioned to serve during this type of events. There are little or no wholesome options available for most sporting venues. Results of the study also revealed that Australians will be more inclined into attending more sporting events if healthier and fresher food options were available during a sporting event.

The report was conducted by food retailer Sushi Sushi, according to Daily Telegraph. However, even without healthy food options available in stadiums and sporting venues, spectators can still avoid munching on the nearest potato chip stand or drinking bottles of soda. Staying hydrated is consider as one of the keys to keeping them away from sugary drinks. Bringing pack snacks would also be ideal to avoid buying unhealthy food options while watching a game.

There are many ways on how to stay healthy and eat healthy even with so many temptations available during your favorite outdoor game presentation. One can always resort to bringing home-packed meals instead of indulging on what's available on site.

However, introducing healthy food options in sporting events venue would be ideal to minimize the weight damage without taking away the fun and entertainment while watching games outdoors.

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