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Higher Death Rates Caused By Mental Health Issues Expected In The Coming 3 Years

Update Date: Feb 07, 2017 07:22 PM EST

An alarming 50 percent increase in death incidents related to mental health issues is predicted for the next three years my Theresa May, head of the Labor's Mental Health Campaign. Ending the stigma and creating tangible actions that will help the mental health situation in the United Kingdom and the rest of its neighboring countries is a must to prevent such events in the future.

In a report from Independent UK that the current state of the mental health of the country should be addressed by the government or at the very least commit to their initial promises regarding the issue to prevent this tragic possibility in the future. The increase in death rates was obtained from the Freedom of Information request granted to BBC.

Reducing the stigma or the taboo that come around with mental health should be eliminated to be able to address mental health issues. Solving the nation's mental health crisis would be impossible unless people start talking and shying away from addressing their mental distress.

According to reports, a total of 3,169 suicides, neglect and misadventure deaths were already recorded from 2015-26. Funding trusts of mental health institutions have been cut by £150m over the past four years.

However, the Department of Health claims that such increase in death rates is already expected and natural since the NHS is already improving their ways to record and investigate on such incidences unlike in the past. The NHS, on the other hand, disagrees that the increase should be solely be treated as dependent on their way of reporting, but as well as factors from this present-day society.

Science Daily meanwhile suggests that with more researches and bigger funded studies regarding mental health, other stress-related cardiovascular risks would be getting attention as well. Earlier animal studies reveal that there is indeed a link between stress and higher activities in the bone marrow and the arteries.

Even if this condition is still not completely applicable to humans, this can be a step closer to identifying triggers and eliminating such to improve the mental health, as well as the general health of humans.

If not addressed with concrete and doable solutions, a fifty percent increase in the mortality rate associated with mental wellness is expected to become a national problem in the next three years. Without completely removing the perceived taboo against openly speaking and addressing mental health issues, the mental health situation of the UK and neighboring countries might be blurry in the coming future.

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