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Short Menstrual Cycle Linked to Breast Cancer

Update Date: Nov 12, 2012 06:19 AM EST

According to a new study, it has been found that women who have shorter menstrual cycles are more likely to be at a higher risk of being affected by breast cancer.

A new study in Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention has discovered a significant link between the length of menstrual cycle and breast cancer. According to scientists involved in the study, women who have a shorter menstrual cycle have a higher risk of breast cancer.

The study included the observation of 263 breast cancer cases and 457 controls who were enrolled in the study from 2009 and 2011. All these cases were actually intended to examine the association between reproductive characteristics and the risk of breast cancer.

Dr. Dale P. Sandler of National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Research Triangle Park, NC, and colleagues published a study in American Journal of Epidemiology that found short menstrual cycle associated with elevated risk of breast cancer.

"The study was based on data from 997 women who had recorded menstrual events," said an official statement. "It was found that compared with women with a median menstrual cycle of 26 to 29 days, women who had menstrual cycle of less than 26 days or longer than 34 or more days were found 90 percent more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer."

"In addition to menstrual cycle, old age at first live birth, never breastfeeding, history of oral contraception use, increased number of induced abortion, postmenopausal status, and nulliparity were all positively associated with breast cancer risk."

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