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The Truth About An Itchy Groin

Update Date: Feb 02, 2017 08:00 AM EST

An itchy groin has different causes. Most itches pose no harm to the skin, but there are cases that dermatologists consider serious and harmful. Scratching usually makes the situation worse, instead of soothing sensitive skin.

An itchy groin that is accompanied with rashes is most likely caused by fungal infection. Its appearance will depend on the type of fungus. A yeast infection will cause moist, shiny areas of skin on the genitals. There will be some white stuff in the skin folds as well.

According to Dr Jason Reichenberg, director of dermatology at the University of Texas, Austin, yeast is normally present in the skin in normal amounts. However, an over growth can already cause an infection. Yeast loves moist, dark places, so it thrives on groins, genitals and thighs. Other fungal infection will appear dry and flaky.

Another reason that can cause an itchy groin is contact dermatitis. The condition occurs when the skin comes in contact with something that is allergic to. The skin will develop a super itchy, red rash and may even have a clear or yellowish fluid when the skin's top layer becomes disrupted.

A parasite called pubic lice, or commonly known as crabs, can cause severe itch in the groin. Dr Dennis Fortenberry, a professor of adolescent medicine at Indiana University, describes the lice eggs as tiny white or yellowish specks near the roots of pubic hair. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the parasite looks like a mini crab in tan or grayish-white color. They can be seen through a magnifying glass.

One out of three patients with diabetes is said to have skin problems. Reports said fungal infections, dermopathy and blisters are common among these types of patients. Scratching an itchy groin, or whatever part of the body, should be avoided as it can lead to open sores and serious complications.

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