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Eating Red Meat Linked to Cancer, Kidney Failure and Heart Disease

Update Date: Jan 26, 2017 07:02 PM EST

Red meat is one of the most favorite food that Americans love to eat but studies show that eating it may increase the chances of developing cancer, kidney failure, and even heart diseases. A study has been conducted to determine whether red meat can really increase the risk of health illnesses.

Based on research, WHO reported that there is evidence that shows red meat increases the risk of a person getting cancer. This also includes processed meat like hot dogs, fast food meat, or anything that has been salted, cured, fermented, smoked and processed. Consuming 50 grams of processed meat has been proven to increase of being diagnosed with colorectal cancer for up to 18 percent.

Kidney failure is also being closely linked to eating red meat. Based on a study in 2016, eating red meat is one of the risk factors that are developed through high blood pressure and diabetes. The study also shows 25 percent of the people who consumes the most number of red meat are 40 percent more likely to have kidney complications.

As for heart diseases, any unhealthy diet that includes high-fat food, cholesterol, and red meat increases the risk of contracting a heart disease. As of today, it is still the number one reason for deaths in America with a count of 610,000 each year. In 2014, a study among 37,000 Swedish men was conducted and it shows that those who have eaten more than 75 grams of red meat each day had a higher risk of having a heart failure.

Although red meat is a good source of many minerals and vitamins that are good for a human’s health, it is also important to remember to eat it only in moderation. Shifting towards a more vegetarian diet definitely, will not hurt and not to mention cheaper too. So its good for health and for the pocket too.

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