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Severe Side Effects from Breast Cancer Treatments

Update Date: Jan 26, 2017 09:10 AM EST

Although breast treatment methods are already proven to be effective in treating tumors, recent studies reveal the severe after effects of these methods. After surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, 42 percent of women treated for breast cancer experienced nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, pain, shortness of breath, several skin irritations and swelling in the arms.

According to latest studies conducted at the Stanford University, there is a considerable number of women who experienced toxicity after undergoing treatments for breasts cancer, Time reports. The number of incidences was higher than predicted which strongly indicated that the current treatments are quite toxic and it is important to listen to these patients as they experience the after-effects of the treatment.

This information is also very helpful especially for women who are about to decide in taking breast cancer treatments. However, the extent to which these effects were observe offered little data and did not consider the different ethnic and economic backgrounds of the individuals involved in the study.

Data gathered from the study also revealed that 29 percent of women who are receiving chemotherapy have reported severe side effects after treatment. Meanwhile, 37 percent of the women who opted to have their breast removed reported severe pains, 25 percent had severe pains after removing one breast and 18 percent showed severe side effects after undergoing a lumpectomy.

Related news from WebMD as cited from Heath Day News also indicates the raised concern about the unscheduled care for the side effects that comes with breast cancer treatments. Additional clinic visits, emergency visits, and hospital stays are all expensive and inconvenient for both doctors and cancer patients.

The study was gathered from almost 2,000 women who had early stages of breast cancer and had an average of seven months of treatment after diagnosis. Results also revealed that 93 percent of these women experience at least one side effect.

Revelations from the study are now being used to provide information for women about to take breast cancer treatments the possible after effects that they may need to address during and after the treatment. Clinics and doctors are also seeking ways on how to minimize the inconvenience and disrupt that this side effect brings to breast cancer patients.

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