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Mothers In Marijuana Industry Reveal Anxiety In Profession

Update Date: Jan 26, 2017 09:00 AM EST

The marijuana production industry has seen a rise in the number of women, mostly moms, working under its wing. Although medical marijuana has been legislated as legal in more than half of the states in America, some mothers working in the industry express their anxiety towards their jobs.

A report on CBS News highlights the experiences of these women working in the medical marijuana industry. Chanda Macias, for instance, is a mother of four and works as a pharmacist in D.C. However, she sells medical marijuana which is already licensed to distribute in the area but is still illegal under federal law.

Although her kids are still young and answering questions about her job is quite easy for now, she worries about how they would react in the future as they begin to understand the industry that she is in.

Lea Heise, an attorney, recently earned her license to dispense medical marijuana in Maryland. Her anxieties are almost the same as the rest of the mothers in the medical marijuana industry. She worries that whether they use their products or now, their business is still at risk and so are their incomes. Heise's present profession is not as public as opposed to her earlier jobs even with eight medical marijuana centers growing in Washington D.C.

Related reports from Forbes also reveals that the cannabis industry is about to navigate as a new presidential administration comes in. As California continues to progress with its marijuana market this 2017, it is predicted that Los Angeles is bound to be the Marijuana Capital of the region. At present, the marijuana market in Los Angeles is already close to $1 billion and has already overshadowed the whole of Colorado's cannabis market.

An increased interest in synthetic cannabinoids, an extract from the cannabis plant is also predicted to be significant this year in the marijuana industry. Debates on whether CBD's are illegal or not after medical marijuana's legalization are already increasing. These legal issues are also bringing up a greater demand for marijuana's and cannabis' synthetic form.

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