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About 40% Women Lie About Having a Period as an Excuse: Survey

Update Date: Oct 20, 2012 10:43 AM EDT

Women, they say, can have a million excuses at the tip of their tongue when they want to get away with something. However, it seems, being on period is their favorite excuse of all.

A new study reveals that about 40 percent of women have lied about being on their period to get out of doing something - from sports to sex.

Using the usually "tough time of the month" excuse, apparently helps them avoid a lot of activities with ease.

For the study, commissioned by Panadol, the researchers conducted an online survey of 1,000 women and found that 38 percent of them admitted to pretending to be on their period when it suits them, Mail Online reported.

While the excuse was most frequently used to avoid exercise, one in seven women admitted using it to avoid sex.

About 20 percent said they used this excuse to explain a bad mood or an irritable behavior. Some of them also said they used the "time of the month" as an excuse to relax. However, no guilt about lying, which was mostly told either on phone or text, was reported.

The research also found that most women (90 percent) suffer from period pain and among the, 76 percent reported experiencing the pain longer than a day and a fourth of them suffering the pain for three days or more.

Previous studies have revealed that about 10 percent of women are forced to take sick leave every month due to period's pain which is caused due to contractions in the womb during this time. Each contraction temporarily stops the blood flow, starving the tissue of oxygen.

Also, during the contractions, there are certain chemicals called prostaglandins which are released and cause more pain.

While for some women, the pain is bearable and mild, for some others - especially during teenage, it could be much more severe causing them to vomit and faint, the report said.

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