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Can A Cancer Patient’s Fate Be Predicted Based On Location?

Update Date: Jan 25, 2017 09:40 AM EST

Is it possible to predict a cancer patient’s fate based on the city they are living on? The rate of cancer deaths have been steadily rising in some cities while others are continuously declining based on a study. There are different factors why this is happening but is it enough basis to tell how long a person will live based on where he lives.

According to reports, parts of U.S. that are not living a luxurious life have higher chances of being obese and smoking which results in an increase in cancer death rates in the area. This is compared to cities where majority of the people can afford a healthier lifestyle and the death rates decreased by almost 50 percent.

Of course, when a person has enough money, they can afford better screening and undergoing treatments especially when cancer is detected in its early stages. However, not all Americans have access or can afford these services so death rates are likely to increase. Based on research, death rate in America from 1980 to 2014 dropped from 240 to 192. This is equals to 19 million people dying from cancer.

Although when researchers took a closer look on the statistics, death rates in Kentucky alone have increased by 45 percent while the number of deaths in Colorado has decreased by almost 50 percent. This is the reason why it is assumed that a person’s location can tell the fate of a cancer patient.

This is probably why the Affordable Care Act is a very beneficial for many Americans, particularly those who cannot afford proper health care.

But Americans shouldn’t worry too much because the current president, Donald Trump, has promised to provide a healthcare that everyone can benefit in. Although no details have been given yet about the new health care system, Trump says it will be ready anytime soon.

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