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Cheeseburgers Being Linked to Diabetes and Fatty Liver Disease

Update Date: Jan 25, 2017 08:10 AM EST

Heart disease is now being linked to the body's reduced sensitivity to insulin. Raised fat levels due to fatty foods like the popular cheeseburger can alter the metabolism capacities of the body triggering diabetes and liver diseases per research.

Overindulging on greasy fast food items like cheeseburgers, fried chicken and fries may lead to lasting damage to the body in regular occurrences. Independent UK reports that a research conducted at the Diabetes Centre in Germany showed that a palm oil drink, equivalent to the number of saturated fats available in 8 slices of pepperoni pizza or a regular cheeseburger with chips can immediately increase fatin the body and reduce its sensitivity to insulin. It also displayed a high level of triglycerides, a type of fat linked to heart disease and fatty liver disease.

Those who keep fit can recover from this initial fat blow-out. However, with regular consumption of fatty food, even with exercise, lasting damage to the body organs and systems may still occur.

In an article from Daily Mail UK, it was also revealed that the study was conducted on 14 healthy men aged 20 to 40. With the lack of women participating in the research, there is no concrete evidence on how excess in fatty foods can affect unsaturated proteins found in the female body.

The levels of glucagon, a hormone that promotes blood sugar failing, increased in levels after consuming a glass of palm oil. These effects were also observed in mice test subjects who received the similar palm oil treatment.

The research was led by Professor Michael Roden. It further indicated that the palm oil challenge is like the effects of ingesting a meal rich in saturated fat like 110 grams of cheeseburgers. Although active individuals may recover immediately from such indulgences, too much consumption of fatty products, even with physical activity can still lead to diabetes and liver related diseases.

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