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Studies Show Sex Toys Safer Compared to Child's Toys

Update Date: Jan 24, 2017 09:30 AM EST

A Swedish chemicals study shows that materials used for a sex toy are much safer compared to the components used to make children’s toys. Only 2 percent of the investigated sex toys contain banned chemicals compared to children’s toys with 15 percent, including lead content. This is the first time a study like this has been conducted and the results have definitely surprised the public.

According to the study of Swedish Chemicals Agency or SCA, 44 sex toys and 112 children’s toys have been carefully examined for possible content of banned chemicals. Only one of the 44 dildos were found containing illegal content while children’s toys had 15 percent. Inspector Frida Ramstrom admits the results were surprising.

The one plastic sex toy that was found with dangerous chemicals contains chlorinated paraffins which are assumed to cause cancer to a person. However, not only did more children’s toys were found with harmful substance but some of it even had lead content.

SCA spokesman Björn Malmström said one possible explanation for that is because sex toys are being distributed by bigger companies, so manufacturers take the time to make sure they do not contain harmful content, while toys for children are distributed by smaller companies so they are not likely to make any demands.

The demand for sex toys in the world market is reported to be around $20 billion each year and is expected to go up by almost 75 percent every year until 2020. This is probably the reason why companies have leveled up their standards to make sure their products meet the health requirements of the world market.

Adults are advised to be extra careful in choosing which sex toy brand to purchase. For instance, three of the 44 sex toys investigated in the study contain bondage tape and artificial leather which are known for containing phthalates. Phthalates that are higher than the allowed 0.1 percent threshold can have negative effects on the body and can result in infertility. For that reason, companies are required to inform their consumers if their products are above the allowed content level.

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