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Mushroom Coffee Could Be the Next Big Thing

Update Date: Jan 21, 2017 09:33 AM EST

Mushroom coffee, which is a combination of powdered wild mushroom and organic coffee grounds, could be the next big thing for coffee lovers. The new kind of coffee is considered to be a superfood with its many health benefits. This mushroom coffee is created by a Finnish company and just like any other coffee, all it needs is hot water.

Four Sigmatic Finnish company didn’t just produce a mushroom-infused coffee but also blends, elixirs, and even hot cocoa mixes. It has already been tested for quality, safety and has been properly powedered so it's just like a regular coffee but with so many health benefits. Their goal is for their product to reach everyone and enjoy its goodness.

The mushroom coffee from Four Sigmatic regulates blood sugar levels so it's good for patients with diabetes. It decreases the natural acidity of a coffee which makes it better for the stomach, helps the body in digesting and takes away virus and bacteria in the body.

However, the coffee may not be compatible with everyone so it’s best to consult a health professional first before thinking of consuming it. For example, some medications that some people take may not be compatible with mushrooms in their system.

As for those who are able to try the mushroom coffee, they should be delighted to know that “Culinary mushrooms, like white buttons and portobellos, are very low in calories—about 15 to 20 per cup—and antioxidant-rich too,” according to Sass. In addition, they are rich in vitamin D which lowers the percentage of obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, heart disease and even some types of cancer.

People who are now looking forward to trying mushroom coffee are strongly advised to consult a health professional of its compatibility with their health condition before trying it.

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